Oil and LPG Tank Installers

LPG Gas Tank Installation

We at Acumen Industrial service Ltd carry out a full plan design and install service for LPG tank installations, including replacement LPG tanks and the associated pipework.

Oil Tank Installation

We off a replacement or new install service for oil tank/s complete with necessary gauges and filters, along with pipework alterations.

Oil Tanks – Water Tanks – Fuel Tanks

At Acumen Industrial Services Ltd you will find a wide range of eco friendly environmental and commercial products, including (large or small, Steel or Plastic) single skin oil tanks, bunded oil tanks, waste oil tanks, fuel dispensers, underground tanks and drum pallets/bunds with spill wells. We also provide bulk liquid storage tanks.

Oil Storage Regulations

The Oil Storage Regulations apply to all new installations in the UK (both domestic and commercial). Oil is the commonest pollutant in the UK, accounting for one quarter of all incidents. These guidelines are intended to help reduce pollution caused by inadequate storage of oil in above ground oil storage tank installations.

Dependent upon your location, you will most likely be covered by either the Control of Pollution (Oil Storage)(England) Regulations 2001 or the Water Environment (Oil Storage)(Scotland) Regulations 2006. Wales and Northern Ireland are exempt but other legislation may apply (additional information below).

Your environmental regulator can serve on you an ‘anti pollution works notice’ if your site gives rise to, or is at risk of giving rise to, pollution of surface waters or groundwater. This notice will require you to undertake remedial action.
Many drains lead directly to rivers, streams or lakes. If you allow oil to enter these drains, it has the same effect as pouring it directly into the watercourse.

Oil is poisonous to fish and other wildlife and it smothers plants. Just two litres of oil could seriously pollute the volume of fresh water needed to fill an Olympic-size swimming pool and make it undrinkable.You may be prosecuted and fined if oil from your site enters the ground o

r watercourses. And you may have to pay substantial clean-up costs. The Oil Storage Regulations are designed to prevent oil spills.